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Case Studies & Published Articles

Optimizing Truss Design

A streamlined truss design process is critical for efficiency as well as ensuring quality control measures. Although the workflow may vary among designers, Oran Thornton and William Babich offer a structured step-by-step guide in their latest article. Learn more about optimizing truss design for both wood and steel applications.

Assisted Living Facility

Nearly 200 individual truss profiles were utilized to construct this 67-unit, 67,000 sq. ft. facility.

Elementary School

Aesthetically pleasing exposed trusses were a major design consideration for this Iowa school.


This LEED certified project took over a year to retrofit 17 buildings with new roofs on Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA.


Margaritaville has never looked better as TrusSteel was utilized solved a complex roof system.

Anti-Terrorism Design

Anti-Terrorism Design TrusSteel has completed numerous successful projects for the Federal Government which incorporated anti-terrorism design. 

Cold-Formed Steel Truss Installation

This compelling article encompasses all aspects of a successful cold-formed steel truss installation. 

A Residential Application of Epic Proportion

TrusSteel was system of choice for the 9th largest house in the United States. 

Greek Orthodox Church Dome

Watch an incredible time-lapse video of the installation of TrusSteel to create a beautiful domed roof.