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Case Studies & Published Articles

Assisted Living Facility

Nearly 200 individual truss profiles were utilized to construct this 67-unit, 67,000 sq. ft. facility.

Elementary School

Aesthetically pleasing exposed trusses were a major design consideration for this Iowa school.


This LEED certified project took over a year to retrofit 17 buildings with new roofs on Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA.


Margaritaville has never looked better as TrusSteel was utilized solved a complex roof system.

Anti-Terrorism Design

Anti-Terrorism Design TrusSteel has completed numerous successful projects for the Federal Government which incorporated anti-terrorism design. 

Cold-Formed Steel Truss Installation

This compelling article encompasses all aspects of a successful cold-formed steel truss installation. 

A Residential Application of Epic Proportion

TrusSteel was system of choice for the 9th largest house in the United States. 

Greek Orthodox Church Dome

Watch an incredible time-lapse video of the installation of TrusSteel to create a beautiful domed roof.